Training from the mile to the marathon.
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  • Time for Inventory

    Posted on July 31st, 2009 CoachGreg No comments

    calendarAre you preparing right now for your fall marathon? If you haven’t started a 16-week training program for a fall marathon,you are behind the eight-ball and if you do nothing this week about it, you may not make it to the start line prepared. Get it in your head today - you must adjust your life to accomodate your training schedule if this is your first marathon. I can’t emphasize it enough.

    Somebody who has run one already knows the enormous amount of time required and not just in terms of the time required for running. You also have to allow for rest and recovery. You will be asking your body to go places you haven’t gone before.

    I did all of my long runs on Saturday mornings when I trained for my first marathon and we started at 5.30 and earlier because of the heat of the Charleston Lowcountry. I also needed to by at work at 5 pm on Saturday evenings. I spent that time between the end of the run and 4 pm, when I started preparing to leave for work, sleeping, resting, and refueling. After spending all day doing nothing and then working for a few hours, I was ready for bed at 9 on Saturday evening. Chores went undone. Home maintenance was delayed. Visits with friends and family always ended by 8.30 so I could go home and go to bed.

    Take inventory of your body - don’t let something minor become something debilitating. If you have any overuse injury, start figuring out what to do about it. You may need to make the decision not to run a fall marathon this year due to the injury, as I have.

    Check your schedule - have you cleared your calendar so you can run long every weekend? Do you have a plan for those times when you are out of town and can’t be with your regular running group? Have you made accomodation for the time required both for training, recovering, and resting?

    For the next four months your mantra will be run, refuel, hydrate, prefuel, repeat. Happy running!

  • 12 Mile Mt Pleasant Route

    Posted on July 31st, 2009 CoachGreg No comments