Training from the mile to the marathon.
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  • Words Fitly Spoken

    Posted on May 13th, 2013 CoachGreg 3 comments

    watchI am a runner … and I haven’t felt that way in a very long time. Don’t take that wrong - I don’t define myself as a runner. I learned to let that definition go when I set aside training for my first marathon to have knee surgery.

    Saturday, I ran from the Old Village to the top of the Bridge and back. Running across the Cooper River Bridge is one of my favorite things to do. Hot, cold, windy, raining - I enjoy it. Saturday - not so much. I was frustrated with losing running fitness - over a year’s time. A lot of self-talk about being patient with the process, reminding myself that I’m starting over in many ways, that I want to avoid injury - none of it helped. I got back to the start and felt a bit defeated.

    Tonight, I pulled out my running clothes and fished in my bag for my GPS watch and realized I left it at home. I almost didn’t run because I didn’t have the stinkin’ watch with me. How stupid is that? (Contrary to what Coach Noah says, runs that are not recorded still count.)

    I bumped into a friend as I left to run and though I didn’t realize it at the time, our conversation was a huge encouragement to me. About half-way through my run, I arrived at Alhambra Hall and grabbed a drink of water. As I began running again I realized I felt pretty good. The run wasn’t effortless but I didn’t feel like I was struggling. I felt great! I felt like a runner. I texted my close friends at the end - I AM A RUNNER!

    Some takeaways from tonight’s run.

    • If you planned to run, run.
    • When the opportunity is there, spend a few minutes with someone that loves you - you never know what you’ll receive in return.
    • Every run counts.
    • Pay no heed to doubt, defeat, or discouragement.
    • Running does not define you - good or bad. Running shapes you.
  • May Race of the Month

    Posted on May 13th, 2013 CoachGreg No comments

    rtl_gregBusier and busier! I haven’t been able to get out the Race of the Month. I’ve had to spend some time doing website maintenance and making the website work again after going down. I think it’s fixed.

    Our Race of the Month is Race the Landing 5K Series held this summer at Charlestowne Landing State Park. After a long hiatus, racing returned last summer to the site of the first settlement in Charleston’s history. Race Director, Lisa Deaton, does a fine job of catering to runners. Most of our races in the Lowcountry are for charities and the best races are put on by runners for runners. This is apparent - races start on time, timing is accurate, results are quickly available, plenty of water at the finish, and all racers - young to old, fast to slow are made to feel more than welcome. Each race also ends with a meal - not a necessity for me but it is much appreciated by many who come directly from work. (full disclosure: I was provided a free entry for the first race in the series but I did pay several times last summer to do the RTL races.)

    My second choice for Race of the Month is also a series - Bulldog Breakaway 5K. Citadel Track coaches, Jody Huddleston and Kristopher Kut also do a great job of catering to runners. The race is run around the Citadel campus and Hampton Park.

    Marathon and Half-Marathon Training Group

    Don’t forget our marathon and half-marathon training group begins July 6.

    Upcoming Group Runs - May and June

    All are welcome at our Group Runs in May and June. There is no charge. We gather at 6:45 am and start at 7 am from St. Andrew’s Church in Mt Pleasant (

    • May 18
    • May 25
    • June 1
    • June 8 - There is no group run. Many of us will be running the Charleston Running Club’s Floppin Flounder. Go race!
    • June 15 - No group run. Coach Greg and some Charleston Runs athletes will be at the Chattanooga Stage Race and Coach Noah will be at the State Youth Track and Field meet.
    • June 22
    • June 29
  • Race of the Month April 2013

    Posted on April 2nd, 2013 CoachNoah No comments

    I just couldn’t bring myself to writing a post on April 1st without it being a joke, so I waited an extra day to send this one out.

    April is full of races!

    There’s the BIG race (also know as the Cooper River Bridge Run), the other BIG race (also known as the Palmetto 200/70 relay race), and then there is the race of the month.

    My pick for the race of the month is the Bohicket Marina 5k & 10k Run at Seabrook Island.

    Bohicket Marina 5k & 10k at Seabrook Island

    Bohicket Marina 5k & 10k at Seabrook Island

    The race starts at the marina and then goes through the streets of Seabrook Island and ends back at the marina.  This is a beautiful area and one of the few races on this side of town.  The race raises money for the Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange Club in support of its charities which include  scholarships for local students, Habitat for Humanity, Darkness to Light and other community programs.

    Charleston Running Club members also get to enjoy a $5 discount on their registration (not too bad).

    There are seven other races listed on the CharlestonRuns Race Calendar.

    Check them out and go have some fun!

  • Results - Komen Race for the Cure 2012

    Posted on October 20th, 2012 CoachGreg No comments

    kv_komen_logoThe first file is gun time results. It does not include age group results.

    Komen Race for the Cure (PDF)

    Age Group Results

    Training Programs at Charleston Runs

    Join our training groups now.

  • Race of the Month October

    Posted on October 1st, 2012 CoachNoah No comments

    After a slow (and hot) summer the race season is starting to pick up.  There are eleven races listed on our calendar for October!

    There’s a wide range of races too.  You can run on a trail, bridge or even a runway.  Check out the race calendar and find the one that’s best for you.

    My pick for the Race of the Month is a long established race in this area.

    Isle of Palms Run

    Race of the Month: IOP Connector Run

    Next week, the Isle of Palms will host the 20th IOP Connector Run Walk for the Child 5k and 10k.  This is an awesome run with incredible support and even better views.  Running over the connector is an experience no one should miss.

    The weather is usually great for this race and with this being the 20th anniversary, there’s going to be a beer garden and a live band (PlaneJane) at the post race party.  Sweet!

    Plus, proceeds from the race benefit local prevention of child abuse and other child related programs.

    The other race that I really like this month is the 4th Annual Joint Base Charleston Run the Runway 5k.  I ran this for the first time last year and had a blast!  The price is right too (only $15).  You do need to register early and you will have to take a bus from the parking lot to the start, but who doesn’t want to run on a runway?

    Anyway, get out and run!

    Check out the CharlestonRuns Race Calendar for more races in our area.

  • Bridge Run Saturday

    Posted on May 30th, 2012 CoachGreg No comments

    Wait a minute. The Bridge Run is in April, right? Yes. Yes, it is but we’re running the Cooper River Bridge this Saturday (June 2) and we’ll run it in our Marathon Training Group every 3-4 weeks as well.

    There’s an adage in training that you can’t build speed until you build strength and you can’t build strength until you build endurance. One of the best ways to build strength is by running hills and we don’t have hills in Mt Pleasant and Charleston where we train. (I’ll write more in an upcoming post about some workouts specific to the Cooper River Bridge.)

    As always, we’ll start at St. Andrew’s Church (map). The group will gather at 5:45 am for a 6:00 am start. A map is below. Some of us will run 10 miles from the church to the South Carolina Aquarium. On an out and back route, it’s really easy to adjust things for the distance you want to run . If you want to go 4 miles, turn around when you look down and see water. Six mile turnaround is when you reach Drum Island and the eight mile turn around is when you get all the way over the bridge.

    Find more Run in Mt Pleasant, SC

  • March Race of the Month

    Posted on February 28th, 2012 CoachGreg No comments

    There are multiple races nearly every weekend this month. From a race at Edisto to long time races like the Daniel Island 5K to the Flowertown Races, March is full.

    Our March Favorites

    The Bulldog Challenge is next Saturday, March 3. Marines at the Citadel who are completing their degrees have had an enormous influence on Noah and me and our attitudes towards fitness and working out. This is their race and it raises money for scholarships. Noah and his running partners will tackle the 10K course that winds through the Citadel campus, through the stadium, and into the marsh while carrying sandbags. I will be there as volunteer. Look for me at the ammo resupply station - and don’t drop my ammo cans until you cross my line.

    Two other races of note:

    • Mullet Haul Trail Run - We like running on trails and we like the word play. Also, there’s not many 5 or 10 mile races around, so it’s a chance at a new personal record.
    • Catch the Leprechaun - By runners, for runners. These are usually the best races and we are always up for a mid-week run against the clock.

    bridgerun2012Race of the Month
    Cooper River Bridge Run

    Join 40,000 of your best friends for a run across Charleston Harbor’s iconic bridge. Don’t worry about a PR at the 10K distance, just get out there and enjoy the day. Recent improvements in the runner experience will make sure that the race sells out once again. One month away from the race and there are only 4,000 regularly priced spots available. After that, the only bibs available are charity bibs at $150 each. Register at

    (The Charleston Running Club feeds our blog into their Facebook page and the opinions expressed here are only the opinions of two guys who love to run and inspire others to run. An endorsement here does not imply an endorsement by the Charleston Running Club but it should.)

  • Kids’ Bridge Run

    Posted on February 19th, 2012 CoachGreg 2 comments

    We welcome our very first guest blogger, Kevin Adcock. Kevin is the Director of Run Buddies, a chapter of Louie’s Kids. Run Buddies is an athletic mentorship program that matches adult running and walking mentors with aspiring youth at risk for childhood obesity. Kevin is also the director of the Cooper River Bridge Run Kid’s Expo.

    I started volunteering for the Bridge Run Kids’ Expo eight years ago, working to create a safe, inviting, and community-enriching event that would keep kids and parents talking and coming back year after year. The Kids’ Run makes the Lowcountry a better place. Giving the younger, and in some cases impoverished, kids of Charleston a place to come and participate in an athletic event that caters specifically to them is satisfying beyond measure.

    This year the Kids’ Expo and Run is on Friday, March 30 at Hampton Park. For those that avoid downtown because of  the traffic at packet pick-up, keep in mind that the Kids’ Run is completely removed from packet pick-up. This event is free for the participants unless you choose to purchase a t-shirt for your child. Registration information is on the Bridge Run website. (The Kids Run information is at the bottom of the page.)

    run-buddies-logo2012 will take on an even more significant meaning for me as Run Buddies will be tasked with providing much of the volunteer staffing for the Kids’ Run. Run Buddies has been a big part of my life since I started working with the organization in early 2010 to help fight Childhood Obesity, “One step at a time”. The latest initiative has been to create running clubs for elementary and middle school kids in order to introduce them to the sport of running and to instill in them the pride of achieving goals and reaching heights (literally) that they never imagined they could reach. The Kids’ Run is a stepping stone for kids like these.

    We will be taking the runners who complete our syllabus over the “Big Bridge” on Saturday following the Kids’ Run. We will be the ones with Miss South Carolina, Bree Boyce, and some of the stars from the reality show, The Biggest Loser. Come say “Hi” if you see us.

    We’ll see you on March 30 at the Kids’ Bridge Run Expo and on March 31 on the Bridge!

    Please tell your neighbors, your friends, your friends’ neighbors, and your neighbors’ friends.

    In order to find out more about Run Buddies, please visit us at

    Check out Run Buddies and the Kids’ Expo on Facebook

    facebookRun Buddies on Facebook

    Bridge Run Kids’ Expo on Facebook

    To see a very special glimpse into last year’s event courtesy of our friends at the Post and Courier…

    From the smiling faces, to the competitive races, to the prized medals, it is very special. The Kids’ Run is not a windfall profit maker for the folks that work it, but they come again and again because they believe in the mission and the value of such an event. For many kids, this is their first glimpse into the world of organized running. More than just exercise, it’s a social event. It’s fun. That is a fantastic connection to make.

    In the coming weeks, Coach Noah Moore will share some of his insights about running with your kids and ways to encourage them to be physically active.

  • Over the Hill Run

    Posted on February 6th, 2012 CoachGreg 2 comments


    Saturday, February 11 is my 50th birthday and to celebrate we’re going to run across the Cooper River Bridge at midnight. In other words, we’re running Over the Hill as I cross over the hill of life.

    Here’s the particulars:

    • Meet at the gas station at the foot of the bridge in Mt Pleasant.
    • Date: Friday, February 10
    • Start time: 11:45 pm (2345 for my Marine friends)
    • Distance: 5.5 miles (but don’t feel obligated to go all the way across and back)

    Please do join me and the rest of the Charleston Runs gang - even if you’re going to walk.

    For me, running across the bridge is always a celebration of regained health. I first started walking the bridge with my friend, Todd. We would meet and walk as far as I could in 30 minutes and then walk back.

    In 2006, I started doing the Boot Camp program at MUSC and part of the program was to meet on Wednesday mornings to run the bridge at 6 am. I was so beat up from Boot Camp and so overweight that I just walked the bridge while others ran.

    Beginning in January 2007, Boot Camp no longer met at the bridge on Wednesdays but I still showed up. Every time I went, I started out running until I couldn’t run any farther and then I walked. There were some mornings it was so cold and windy that I didn’t see anybody on the bridge until 6:45 as I was heading back down into Mt Pleasant. Each week, I managed to go just a little further and one day I surprised myself by running all the way to the center of the span. I was so surprised that I practically skipped all the way to Charleston and back that day - it was the first time I had run to the center and the first time I had run across and back.

    Laura, Steve, Coach Greg, Brooke, Kari

    Laura, Steve, Coach Greg, Brooke, Kari

    I did my first bridge run in over 10 years in 2007 and my friend, Steve (he’s also my boss and my pastor), along with some other friends were going to do the race together. He asked me if I had a time goal. I said, “No, I think I just want to run this as a celebration of regained health.” Running the race that year was pretty special. Steve, along with my friend, Laura, who was one of my big cheerleaders, ran it with me. Along the way, my doctor, Ed, who first convinced me to exercise, caught up with me and ran some of the race alongside me.

    In the intervening years, I’ve run across the bridge many times. Every time I run or ride my bike across the bridge, I think of the people who have come alongside me to encourage me - whether it’s in Boot Camp, at the track on a Tuesday evening, or at the finish line of a race.

    I am incredibly thankful for those who have been there and I give thanks to God for placing you in my path. Come celebrate my birthday with me and my regained health.

  • Bridge Run Training Begins - Again

    Posted on February 6th, 2012 CoachGreg No comments

    We had to set aside our plans to start our Bridge Run Training Group last Thursday due to the traffic snarl at rush hour. Some of the group met us on Saturday morning for a quick introduction and a run on the bridge but our official start was postponed to this Thursday, February 9. So, it’s not too late to join the group - sign up now!