Training from the mile to the marathon.
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  • October 27 Race Results

    Posted on October 28th, 2012 CoachGreg No comments

    Charleston Area Race Results for October 27, 2012

    With a Hurricane just off shore yesterday, the conditions were not ideal for running, especially at the Fight for Air run out on Folly Beach. Congratulations to everybody who showed up yesterday for any of the races.

  • Couch to 5K Program

    Posted on October 20th, 2012 CoachGreg No comments

    mo-cpc-2012We have two Couch to 5K programs beginning soon. The Couch to 5K program is designed for the beginning runner and the person who is returning to the sport. Our groups meet once each week for a period of instruction and a workout. We usually meet for about one hour.

    Friday Morning Training Group

    • 8 am, Fridays
    • Danny Jones Center, North Charleston
    • Begins Friday, October 26
    • For more information and to register, contact Coach Greg (

    Thursday Evening Training Group

    • 6 pm, Thursdays
    • Colonial Lake, Charleston
    • Begins, Thursday, December 6
    • Visit our Couch to 5K page for more information and to register

    Marathon and Half-Marathon Training

    If you are running the Charleston Marathon or Half-marathon, now is the perfect time to join our training group.

  • Race Results-Oktoberfest 2012

    Posted on October 11th, 2012 CoachGreg No comments

    Oktoberfest 5K, October 11, 2012 - Race Results

    If you are training for the Kiawah or Charleston half marathon or full marathon, now is a great time to join our training group.

  • Race of the Month: Francis Marion Dirt Dash

    Posted on September 2nd, 2012 CoachGreg No comments

    Here at Charleston Runs, we are in the middle of our marathon training season. Our first runner ran the Oregon Wine Country Half-Marathon on September 1 and we’ll finish with the Charleston Marathon in January. We put in a lot of miles. On the road.

    This Saturday, we will all be out at the Francis Marion Dirt Dash, three races that take place on logging roads in the Francis Marion National Forest. All of our marathoners are running the Half-Marathon but we also have runners in the 5K and 12K. Most of our runners will use this as an opportunity to practice their race day routine - clothes, pre-race routine, shoes, fuel, hydration - and will use it as an opportunity to measure their fitness. Others are a bit beat up and need a break from the routine. They’ll still practice their race day routine but will run this more as a training run.

    The race director, Chad Haffa, started the race in 2010. He’s a local firefighter who had been recently introduced to running in the woods. Out of that love for running on trails, he created the Francis Marion Dirt Dash and later, Eagle Endurance, a small race company that puts on races in the booger woods.

    Chad’s enthusiasm and passion for the sport is infectious. I am connected to a lot of races and he is the only race director who continually solicits feedback from runners and adjusts things accordingly. He’s smart enough to know that he doesn’t know it all and that the sport, along with the expectations of runners, are continually evolving.

    Race Registration

    Online registration for the race is closed but you can still register at packet pick-up at TrySports (1903 Hwy 17, Mt Pleasant) on Thursday, Sept 6, noon-7 pm, and Friday, Sept. 7, noon-6 pm.

    Runner Up - Carolina Children’s Charity 8000

    Our runner up this month is the Carolina Children’s Charity 8000 Meter run. The CCC 8000 Meter benefits MUSC Children’s Hospital. They have great volunteers, most of who have children who have benefited from the services of the hospital. We like it because of the story they tell and that it’s an 8K in Hanahan - there aren’t a lot of races in Hanahan and there’s not a lot of 8K’s.

    Tell us about your favorite races.

    (The Charleston Running Club feeds our blog into their Facebook page and the opinions expressed here are only the opinions of two guys who love to run and inspire others to run. An endorsement here does not imply an endorsement by the Charleston Running Club, but it should.)

  • Race of the Month July

    Posted on July 2nd, 2012 CoachGreg No comments

    Oh boy, it gets hot around here in the summer and the race calendar slows down. There are only two Saturday races - both on the same day and there are three Thursday night series. (Note to series directors: Talk to each other a little so that you don’t overlap and maybe one of you could do your series on a Tuesday or Wednesday.)

    The Winner is …

    Coach Greg leading his friend, Pastor Shay Gaillard. (The lead didn't last long.)

    Coach Greg leading his friend, Pastor Shay Gaillard. (The lead didn't last long.)

    Race the Landing Finale on July 19. Coach Noah and I haven’t come up with any objective criteria for choosing our race of the month but we have noticed some trends.

    • Accurate course
    • Reliable and quick results
    • Passionate Race Director
    • Passionate volunteers

    Probably the thing that really makes the race is the Race Director and it seems as the best RD’s are regular runners. Race Director Lisa Deaton is a local age group ace who can be found racing most weekends. She and her volunteers have done an outstanding job of putting on this series of races at Charlestowne Landing. It’s a beautiful course, well shaded, and well staffed. She hired Chuck Magera of Charlestowne Racing to take care of laying out the course and timing the events. Chuck is quick with those results - He emails results to me to post on this website and I usually receive them before I get home from a race.

    The volunteers are glad to see you and are most helpful. Most of them aren’t runners but they are enthusiastic spectators as they direct you on the course and hand out water. When I thank them for being out there so we can run, they immediately respond with, “No, thank you for supporting us!”

    Did I mention the food? I don’t need to because it doesn’t matter! They would still be a top race without the food but they do serve food after each race. The first two weeks were catered by the well-loved Jamie Westerndorf - barbecue one week and Caribbean the next. If you’ve never been to event where Jamie is serving barbecue, you’re missing out. The All-American menu for the final race includes hamburgers and hot dogs. The rumor mill tells me that Jack’s Cosmic Dogs will be doing the hot dogs.

    Looking forward to biting into a dog with some bleu cheese slaw …

    Race of the Month is the opinion of two guys who love to run and race. The Charleston Running Club graciously feeds our blog into their Facebook page and so the opinions expressed here are not theirs - but they should be.

  • June Race of the Month

    Posted on May 31st, 2012 CoachNoah No comments

    It’s almost June and I have not picked the race of the month!  Man, this month has flown by…

    One thing is for sure, there are plenty of races in June!

    This weekend you can choose from two races, but the new 5k trail race Bikinis and Boardshorts at Laurel Hill Plantation in Mount Pleasant looks really cool (plus the shirt design just rocks!).

    Two race series continue this month; the Citadel Breakaway and the Race the Landing.  Both are evening 5k’s and go through two really awesome places in Charleston (you can’t go wrong with either of these races).

    Want to run two races on a Saturday for two great causes?  On June 9th you can run the Phoenix Athlete’s Sweat’n for a Reason at 8am in Summerville and then run the ALS H.O.P.E. Beach Run at 6:00pm on the Isle of Palms!

    This month is so full of races that I not only picked a race of the month, I picked a weekend of races; Father’s Day weekend (June 16th and 17th)!

    Races of the Month

    floppinflounderThe Floppin’ Flounder 5k is an absolute must for all Charleston area runners!  It’s put on by the Charleston Running Club so it is done right!  The shirt is always cool and there is always a great crowd.  This year, Triangle Char & Bar will be serving breakfast burritos after the race!  If that is not enough, this is one of the least expensive races in town ($15 for Charleston Running Club members).

    Complete your Father’s Day weekend with a run on the beach at the ECORun 5k and 10k.  This was my race of the month in April and is such a unique experience I have to share it again.  Running on Caper’s Island is amazing and taking a ferry to the start is an absolute blast!

    So that’s it for June!  I hope you get a chance to run as many races as possible this month.  Don’t forget to stay hydrated (with water) and checkout our race calendar for more details (and results) on these and other races this year. If you’re training for a fall or winter marathon, check out our Marathon Training page.

    (The Charleston Running Club feeds our blog into their Facebook page and the opinions expressed here are only the opinions of two guys who love to run and inspire others to run. An endorsement here does not imply an endorsement by the Charleston Running Club, but it should.)

  • May Race of the Month

    Posted on April 29th, 2012 CoachGreg No comments

    The Contenders

    Plenty of races to choose from this month, including some new ones. Here’s my favorites:

    Bulldog Breakaway (begins May 17)

    The Bulldog Breakaway Series is a series of 5K races contested at The Citadel on Thursday evenings and put on by the track team as a fundraiser. Simple race against the clock. One lap of the track, one lap of the campus, one lap of Hampton Park (shaded!), and one lap of the campus to finish the race. Coaches Jody Huddleston and Kris Kut do a great job of encouraging and welcoming everybody. If you want to test yourself against the clock, this is the place to be.

    Race the Landing Series (begins May 3)

    We haven’t checked them out because it’s brand new this year but any race that ends with food and beer can’t be all be bad. You’ll be off the road and on the path Charles Towne Landing State Park. Races are on Thursday evenings. They’re promising a good time but do register before the race so they can order enough food.

    Hell Hole Swamp 10K Gator Run and Walk

    I look forward to the Hell Hole Swamp 10K every year, even when I’m not running. It’s run out in the booger woods in Jamestown, South Carolina this Saturday, May 5. Run 1.5 miles on a paved road. Turn right. Run 1.5 miles on a dirt road. Turn right. Run 1.5 miles on a dirt road. Be aware of the elevation change near the end of the dirt road - a railroad crossing. Run 1.5 miles on a paved road.

    Highlights of the Hell Hole Swamp Run

    • Mr. Roy Pipkin and his shotgun
    • Ice water on the course - with ice!
    • The Hell Hole Swamp Festival Parade
    • Race Director and Poet Laureate of Jamestown, Mr. Michael Lake
    • Gator Head Trophies

    gator-headNow, I could explain everything in the list above but you must experience these things to really appreciate them. In the interest of full disclosure, I need to tell you that I am privileged to drive the race champions in my truck in the Hell Hole Swamp Festival parade but I am sure I would pick this race as my race of the month, even if that were not so. (I’m thinking I might put some old school lawn chairs in the pack of the truck for them to ride in this year rather than having them sit on the wheel wells.)

    What’s you favorite race in May? You can find a complete list of races on our website.

    (The Charleston Running Club feeds our blog into their Facebook page and the opinions expressed here are only the opinions of two guys who love to run and inspire others to run. An endorsement here does not imply an endorsement by the Charleston Running Club, but it should.)

    Our Fall Marathon and Half-Marathon training kicks off soon and this year our marathon training includes registration for the Francis Marion Dirt Dash, a $59 value! Take a look at our training information.

  • April Race of the Month

    Posted on April 3rd, 2012 CoachNoah No comments

    It’s my turn to pick the Race of the Month again!

    April Contenders

    Wow! There are a lot of cool (well probably warm) races this month. You can check out the full list on our Race Calendar, but these are the ones that stick out to me.

    Charleston Donut Run (4-14-12) – 5k plus Krispy Kreme Donuts! How can you go wrong with that? (We have a special discount code for you when you register: “CharlestonRuns”. This gets you a 10% discount!)

    iFiveK (4-19-12) – Downtown Charleston and it’s an evening run. Hurry though; I hear it is almost sold out!

    Rice Run (4-15-12) – Walterboro – This is an old race in a really nice town.

    Palmetto 200 (4-13/14-12) – Most likely, it’s too late to get a team together for this year, but this should be on everyone’s list for next year. I love this race! There is nothing like hanging out with a bunch of sweaty runners in a van for over 24 hours! Click here for pictures from last year.

    Capers ECO Run


    Our Race of the Month is the Capers ECO Run 5k and 10k.  Last year, I ran this race with my wife and son.  We had an incredible time!  There really is nothing like taking a boat ride to an island and then running a race.  The race is organized by Bret Carlson and he does an amazing job getting everyone to the start and ensuring everyone has a great time.  After my family ran the race last year we jumped in the ocean and went swimming until it was time to get back on the boat (full recap at MooreOnRunning).

    ECO Run Group

    Bret puts this race on several times per year, there is even a father’s day run.  Even if you are planning on doing the Palmetto 200 you should think about adding this to your weekend (it’s on Sunday).

    Happy Running!

    Check out all the races for the year on our Race Calendar.

    (The Charleston Running Club feeds our blog into their Facebook page and the opinions expressed here are only the opinions of two guys who love to run and inspire others to run. An endorsement here does not imply an endorsement by the Charleston Running Club, but it should.)

  • Marine Corps Marathon Sells Out

    Posted on March 7th, 2012 CoachGreg No comments

    mcm-sell-outThe 37th Marine Corps Marathon sold out in a record two hours and forty-one minutes. That’s not a record for the MCM - that’s a record for any marathon. It was amazing to see the chatter on Facebook and Twitter about the race. If you didn’t make it in, you can still register via the charity partner program.

    Both Noah and I have been inspired by U.S. Marines to make fitness a part of our lives and both of us have run this race to honor those Marines. We’ve encouraged others who have been similarly inspired to do the same when they decide to take the step of training for a marathon. We’re very excited for our friends who have decided to run the race.

    If you’re looking for a training program, Charleston Runs comes highly recommended by our first time marathoners and our age group aces. We kick off our training for fall marathons on July 7.

  • March Race of the Month

    Posted on February 28th, 2012 CoachGreg No comments

    There are multiple races nearly every weekend this month. From a race at Edisto to long time races like the Daniel Island 5K to the Flowertown Races, March is full.

    Our March Favorites

    The Bulldog Challenge is next Saturday, March 3. Marines at the Citadel who are completing their degrees have had an enormous influence on Noah and me and our attitudes towards fitness and working out. This is their race and it raises money for scholarships. Noah and his running partners will tackle the 10K course that winds through the Citadel campus, through the stadium, and into the marsh while carrying sandbags. I will be there as volunteer. Look for me at the ammo resupply station - and don’t drop my ammo cans until you cross my line.

    Two other races of note:

    • Mullet Haul Trail Run - We like running on trails and we like the word play. Also, there’s not many 5 or 10 mile races around, so it’s a chance at a new personal record.
    • Catch the Leprechaun - By runners, for runners. These are usually the best races and we are always up for a mid-week run against the clock.

    bridgerun2012Race of the Month
    Cooper River Bridge Run

    Join 40,000 of your best friends for a run across Charleston Harbor’s iconic bridge. Don’t worry about a PR at the 10K distance, just get out there and enjoy the day. Recent improvements in the runner experience will make sure that the race sells out once again. One month away from the race and there are only 4,000 regularly priced spots available. After that, the only bibs available are charity bibs at $150 each. Register at

    (The Charleston Running Club feeds our blog into their Facebook page and the opinions expressed here are only the opinions of two guys who love to run and inspire others to run. An endorsement here does not imply an endorsement by the Charleston Running Club but it should.)