Training from the mile to the marathon.
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  • Book #2: Daniels’ Running Formula

    Posted on March 6th, 2011 CoachGreg 1 comment

    Note: I’ve set a goal of reading a book every two weeks during 2011. I’ll review the running related books on this website and others on another blog I maintain for those who work behind the scenes in an organization: Be A Finisher.

    daniels-running-formulaRunner’s World once named Jack Daniels the World’s Best Running Coach and after reading Daniels’ Running Formula - 2nd Edition, I understand why. In the book, I’ve recognized the debt that others owe Coach Daniels. The Road Runners Club of America teaches many of the same principles as does Coach Greg McMillan.

    Coach Daniels provides programs for those running 800 meter races all the way up to the marathon but more than half of the book explains the programs and the science behind them. Certainly, any runner could pick up the book and skip right to the training program that they think is right for them. And they could slog through it but if they don’t understand the program, it’s doing things by rote. If that’s you, save yourself some money and time and go download a training program somewhere on the web.

    I’m an exercise science geek and I appreciate all of the technical explanations of  the body’s adaptation to training stress and the progression of workouts. As a coach who is always looking to learn more from other coaches about how their athletes train, this is a valuable resource but I believe it can be a valuable resource for anybody who wants to understand their training or who wish to self-coach.

    5/5 stars.