Training from the mile to the marathon.
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  • Cooper River Bridge Run Training

    Posted on March 4th, 2009 CoachGreg No comments

    I coach one of the official Cooper River Bridge Run training clinics. I have all of the walkers and beginning runners, which I love. It’s fun to see big gains in performance and also see confidence build as well. We’re now only four weeks away from the race.

    Tonight was the first time I had them really push themselves on pace. Many of the people are not just beginning runners, they are brand spankin new runners. In previous weeks, I wanted them to mostly work on just getting miles on their legs and never asked them to run any faster than a race pace  that I predicted based on their mile time trial times.

    Tonight’s workout

    • 800 m warm up
    • 5×400 m @ 10K pace - 20%. In other words, if the athlete’s race pace was 3:00/400 m, I asked them to run at 2:24. 90 second recovery intervals.
    • 2×800 m @ same pace
    • 400 m cool down

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