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  • Track Workout

    Posted on May 22nd, 2009 CoachGreg No comments

    This is a track workout that is good for almost every runner. One size never fits all and anybody just starting with track workouts should approach things cautiously. All of the Charleston Runs athletes doing this workout have been running consistently for at least two years and have been racing for at least one year.

    I start every athlete at a pace that is 15 seconds per mile faster than their 5K pace. As runners get used to this workout, I speed up their workout in subsequent weeks.

    The recovery interval should take just as long as the effort. For instance, if the runner does a 55 second 200 m, then they should take 55 seconds to recover during the 100 m. At first this¬†was ¬†difficult for the runners but by the time they’re doing the 400 m, they’re happy to take all of the time allotted. The workout should be continuous - effort - recovery - effort with no breaks.

    Today’s workout

    • 800 m warm-up
    • 6 x 200 m, 100 m recovery
    • 6 x 300 m, 200 m recovery
    • 6 x 400 m, 300 m recovery
    • 1 x 400 m, all out
    • 800 m cool down

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