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  • What’s Right With This Picture?

    Posted on May 29th, 2009 CoachGreg 5 comments
    What's right with this picture?

    What's right with this picture?

    And what’s wrong with this picture? Last week, I posted a picture of  the same athlete demonstrating good uphill running form. Overall, his form is good but there are two flaws that students of running should be able to pick out.

    Tell me what you see that is right and wrong with this athlete’s stride?


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    • I am guessing it is with his feet and where they are pointing….(on 2nd image, left foot turning inward)

    • Good thing I have thick skin :)

      I was moving my arms way too much (swinging them). I can tell this was when I was getting tired becuase my shoulders look tight. I still don’t see the feet thing, but I know I need to work on where I am placing them.

    • Hmmmm.
      1st - He’s so fast he’s in three places at once. Just kidding.

      1st-looking down?
      2nd-rotating upper body too much?

    • Each runner knows himself best. He’s rotating the upper body and you can see in the 2nd shot where his heel is about to strike rather than the midfoot. It’s hard to change that and it’s something that can come with a lot of time and practice.

      What’s right? Notice how much the legs are snapping up on the back swing. It takes less energy to move a leg that’s bent than one that is fully extended.

    • ohhhhhhh….