Training from the mile to the marathon.
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  • Marathon Training is Beginning and It’s Hot!

    Posted on June 6th, 2010 CoachGreg No comments

    runningdogCharleston Runs group runs for fall marathons kicks off on July 10. Those that have already registered for the training are getting in gear and are already receiving training schedules. In order to prepare for the training, a runner should have been consistently running for the last year and by July 10 should have worked up to at least 20 miles each week with a weekly long run of at least 10 miles. If you haven’t quite reached that point there’s still time.

    Those that have signed on for the fall are gathering informally on Saturday mornings to run. These week we started at 6 am and though it wasn’t horribly hot, it was very humid. We’ll talk a lot about staying hydrated and running in the heat over the next few months as it is a constant issue in the lowcountry.

    Three tips for running in the heat

    Look for more tips in subsequent posts. I could write all day about heat, hydration, and fueling.

    1. Stay fully hydrated in between runs. Your urine should be no darker than the color of lemonade. Personally, I would rather wake up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night then to go to bed dehydrated.
    2. If your run will last more than an hour, you need to carry water with you. I sweat a lot, up to 4 liters/hour, and carry a hydration backpack.
    3. You will slow down in the heat and as you dehydrate. Expect it. Run by effort to get the correct training effect.

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