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  • Cooper River Bridge Run Training

    Posted on March 11th, 2009 CoachGreg No comments

    This evening we did hill repeats.  This is a beginning group and I don’t recommend hill repeats for true beginners but they are preparing for the Cooper River Bridge Run. We ran from the Mt Pleasant track to the bridge. The athletes ran up to the 5th light pole which is about 150 meters from the beginning of the bridge. They ran hard up and then recovered on the way back down. Everybody did their own pace.

    At the end of the drill, which was about 35 minutes long, I put people of equal ability together and had them racing each other up the hill. Most of them dug in and went for it. Some are tackling the distance for the first time and those are the ones I really love. During the workout yesterday, I made a point of running uphill with each one of them. This is the most rewarding part for me.

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