Training from the mile to the marathon.
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  • Bridge Run Saturday

    Posted on April 28th, 2011 CoachGreg No comments

    While building up our base mileage that will lead to our marathon training, we mostly concentrate on endurance runs. Some of us will also do some informal track workouts just to keep our legs moving fast but all will benefit from doing some runs that include hills. Here in the Charleston area we don’t have hills but we do have the Arthur Ravenel Bridge, the centerpiece of the Cooper River Bridge Run.

    Hills build leg strength and power. There’s an axiom that speed is built on strength and strength is built on endurance. We’re always working on the endurance end of things and on speed but many runners don’t work on the strength and power.

    If you head out with us and you don’t want to run eight miles, it’s an out and back course and you can turn anytime to head back. To get the benefit of the incline, I do suggest that you run to at least the center span if you’re ready for that distance.

    A word about running hills. When you get to the base of the bridge of the beginning of the hill, quit looking at your GPS. From this point on, you need to run by feel. (I wouldn’t even look at the watch out of curiosity.) The intensity should remain constant as you climb and descend. You WILL go slower. That’s ok - If this was a small hill we were discussing, you could maintain your pace and power over it. On the descent, you will go faster. Be careful on the downside and concentrate on planting your feet under your hips. If you start planting your feet ahead of your body, you can easily over stride and pull a muscle.

    Here’s our route:

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