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  • Zombie Warm Up

    Posted on December 11th, 2011 CoachGreg 2 comments

    zombie-walkLast week was our first in a series of Dynamic Warm Ups for our Couch to 5K athletes. I call the next two exercises our Zombie warm up because both exercises are done with straight legs. (Why don’t zombies bend their legs?)

    Frankenstein Walk

    • Keep the legs straight and hands out front
    • Snap the leg quickly forward, driving the foot towards the hands

    Keep in mind that the goal is to feel the stretch in the hamstring, not to touch your hands. Your hands are simply a target. If you bend your leg in order to touch your hands, you won’t feel the stretch. Move forward for 10 yards.

    Straight Leg Deadlift Walk

    • Balance on one leg and keep it straight
    • Lift the other leg to the rear. As the leg goes back, the torso tilts forward
    • Straight line from ear to shoulder to hip to knee to ankle.
    • Keep the shoulders and hips parallel to the ground
    • Swing the rear leg forward and take a step and balance again
    • Do five lifts on each leg

    You should feel a stretch in the glutes and hamstring of the leg on which you are balanced.

    Next week: Lateral Moves

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