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  • January Race of the Month - Charlie Post

    Posted on December 15th, 2011 CoachGreg 1 comment

    This is a new feature at Charleston Runs. Each month we’ll name our race of the month for the following month. You’ll usually see one or both us, Coach Greg and Coach Noah, at that month’s race. If you want to nominate your favorite race for the race of the month, send us an email and tell us why. If you agree or disagree with our choice, tell us why in the comments below.

    January Contenders

    There are a couple of good races in January and we’ve been a part of each of them. The first race this year is The Citadel’s Bulldog Breakaway. It’s very low key and the field is not crowded. Citadel track coaches Jody Huddleston and Kris Kut work hard at making these events satisfying for the runner who wants to run against the clock - an accurate course with no traffic. They deliver.

    The Riverfront Race Festival/Charleston Marathon does offer a quality marathon and half-marathon and in its third year (second year for the marathon) it is a good event that we already know has improved over the first years. Running in big local events is much different than traveling to run, especially for guys like Coach Noah who go out and run 26.2 for fun. Look for Noah and one of our other Charleston Runs athletes, Cathy, to lead one of the pace groups.

    cpc_logosquareRace of the Month - Charlie Post Classic

    Our race of the month is the Charlie Post Classic. It is indeed a classic - it has stood the test of time. Simple shirt. Simple yet complete award categories. Go; run hard; stop. Eat a bagle, grab an orange. Put on warm clothes and cheer on the rest of the finishers. No hype but a good race.

    This is the showcase event for the Charleston Running Club - for runners, by runners. It’s you against the clock in either the 5K or 15K. Because of the 15K distance, runners come from all over the state to compete. The race is also very beginner friendly with plenty of first time finishers kicking off the new year right, including our Couch to 5K program.

    (The Charleston Running Club feeds our blog into their Facebook page and the opinions expressed here are only the opinions of two guys who love to run and inspire others to run. An endorsement here does not imply an endorsement by the Charleston Running Club but it should.)

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