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  • Lunging into the New Year

    Posted on December 26th, 2011 CoachGreg No comments

    bodyweight_lungeOur next set of exercises in the Dynamic Warm Up series is the lunge. Some coaches look at  this as an advanced exercise and in some respects it is. It takes strength that a beginning runner may not have in order to execute the lunge fully with the lower part of each leg at a right angle to the upper leg. The tough part is pushing back upright.

    Do 10 lunges on each leg, forward and backward.

    Forward lunge

    • Don’t overstretch when stepping forward
    • Lead thigh and trailing shin parallel to ground
    • Controlled movement
    • Move opposite arms with the legs with an exaggerated movement

    Backward lunge with twist

    • Step back into lunge
    • Twist trunk to right and left

    Dynamic Warm Up Series

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