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  • Race of the Month July

    Posted on July 2nd, 2012 CoachGreg No comments

    Oh boy, it gets hot around here in the summer and the race calendar slows down. There are only two Saturday races - both on the same day and there are three Thursday night series. (Note to series directors: Talk to each other a little so that you don’t overlap and maybe one of you could do your series on a Tuesday or Wednesday.)

    The Winner is …

    Coach Greg leading his friend, Pastor Shay Gaillard. (The lead didn't last long.)

    Coach Greg leading his friend, Pastor Shay Gaillard. (The lead didn't last long.)

    Race the Landing Finale on July 19. Coach Noah and I haven’t come up with any objective criteria for choosing our race of the month but we have noticed some trends.

    • Accurate course
    • Reliable and quick results
    • Passionate Race Director
    • Passionate volunteers

    Probably the thing that really makes the race is the Race Director and it seems as the best RD’s are regular runners. Race Director Lisa Deaton is a local age group ace who can be found racing most weekends. She and her volunteers have done an outstanding job of putting on this series of races at Charlestowne Landing. It’s a beautiful course, well shaded, and well staffed. She hired Chuck Magera of Charlestowne Racing to take care of laying out the course and timing the events. Chuck is quick with those results - He emails results to me to post on this website and I usually receive them before I get home from a race.

    The volunteers are glad to see you and are most helpful. Most of them aren’t runners but they are enthusiastic spectators as they direct you on the course and hand out water. When I thank them for being out there so we can run, they immediately respond with, “No, thank you for supporting us!”

    Did I mention the food? I don’t need to because it doesn’t matter! They would still be a top race without the food but they do serve food after each race. The first two weeks were catered by the well-loved Jamie Westerndorf - barbecue one week and Caribbean the next. If you’ve never been to event where Jamie is serving barbecue, you’re missing out. The All-American menu for the final race includes hamburgers and hot dogs. The rumor mill tells me that Jack’s Cosmic Dogs will be doing the hot dogs.

    Looking forward to biting into a dog with some bleu cheese slaw …

    Race of the Month is the opinion of two guys who love to run and race. The Charleston Running Club graciously feeds our blog into their Facebook page and so the opinions expressed here are not theirs - but they should be.

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