Training from the mile to the marathon.
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  • Run the Wrong Way

    Posted on December 16th, 2011 CoachGreg No comments
    linebackerThis is the third in our series of Dynamic Warm-Ups. We’ve been teaching just a few each week at our Couch to 5K program. Part 1 - Dynamic Warm Ups. Part 2 - Zombie Warm Ups.

    So far in our routine we’ve awakened and activated the hip flexor, warmed up the quadriceps by putting them through a full range of motion, activated the small stabilizing muscles in the legs, and warmed up the hamstring and glutes. Backwards running and backpedaling bring power movements in to play while also getting the feet moving.

    Backward Run

    • Push with front leg
    • Reach with rear leg
    • Exagerate the arm motion and really throw them in front of you

    The backwards run fully activates the hamstring and calf muscles with the hard push off to propel your body to the rear.


    This is the same motion that a pass defender uses in football as he moves backwards from the line of scrimmage.

    • Feet under hips
    • Hips under shoulders
    • Quick push off to the rear

    Fully activates quadriceps.

    By the time you get done with the eight exercises we’ve introduced so far, your heart rate should be elevated and except on the coldest days, you’ll probably be sweating a bit.

  • Zombie Warm Up

    Posted on December 11th, 2011 CoachGreg 2 comments

    zombie-walkLast week was our first in a series of Dynamic Warm Ups for our Couch to 5K athletes. I call the next two exercises our Zombie warm up because both exercises are done with straight legs. (Why don’t zombies bend their legs?)

    Frankenstein Walk

    • Keep the legs straight and hands out front
    • Snap the leg quickly forward, driving the foot towards the hands

    Keep in mind that the goal is to feel the stretch in the hamstring, not to touch your hands. Your hands are simply a target. If you bend your leg in order to touch your hands, you won’t feel the stretch. Move forward for 10 yards.

    Straight Leg Deadlift Walk

    • Balance on one leg and keep it straight
    • Lift the other leg to the rear. As the leg goes back, the torso tilts forward
    • Straight line from ear to shoulder to hip to knee to ankle.
    • Keep the shoulders and hips parallel to the ground
    • Swing the rear leg forward and take a step and balance again
    • Do five lifts on each leg

    You should feel a stretch in the glutes and hamstring of the leg on which you are balanced.

    Next week: Lateral Moves

  • What’s Right With This Picture?

    Posted on May 29th, 2009 CoachGreg 5 comments
    What's right with this picture?

    What's right with this picture?

    And what’s wrong with this picture? Last week, I posted a picture of  the same athlete demonstrating good uphill running form. Overall, his form is good but there are two flaws that students of running should be able to pick out.

    Tell me what you see that is right and wrong with this athlete’s stride?

  • Last Bridge Run Clinic

    Posted on April 1st, 2009 CoachGreg No comments

    For our last workout, we spent time practicing running at race pace. We ended the session with Bridge Run Trivia for race schwag.

  • Pre-Race Track Workout

    Posted on March 27th, 2009 CoachGreg No comments

    I worked with two athletes on their race pace. We ran 3 x 1200 m after an 800 warm-up. The idea is to maintain race pace even when tired but at the same time, not to wear the athlete completely out. We were a little too close to race to do that.

  • Cooper River Bridge Run Training

    Posted on March 11th, 2009 CoachGreg No comments

    This evening we did hill repeats.  This is a beginning group and I don’t recommend hill repeats for true beginners but they are preparing for the Cooper River Bridge Run. We ran from the Mt Pleasant track to the bridge. The athletes ran up to the 5th light pole which is about 150 meters from the beginning of the bridge. They ran hard up and then recovered on the way back down. Everybody did their own pace.

    At the end of the drill, which was about 35 minutes long, I put people of equal ability together and had them racing each other up the hill. Most of them dug in and went for it. Some are tackling the distance for the first time and those are the ones I really love. During the workout yesterday, I made a point of running uphill with each one of them. This is the most rewarding part for me.

  • Running Drills

    Posted on March 7th, 2009 CoachGreg No comments

    Two athlete’s with me on the track this morning. We did agility drills. Because of the training I did in Boot Camp earlier in the week, I had to forgo some of the drills.

    • Quick Skips
    • Butt Kicks
    • High Knees (forward, right, left)
    • 2-Stairs up; Quick steps down
    • Tuck Jumps x 10
    • Split Scissor Jumps x 10
    • One- Legged hops
    • Speed Bounds
    • Step ups x 25 each leg
    • Wall Throw