Training from the mile to the marathon.
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  • Friday Track Workout

    Posted on April 24th, 2009 CoachGreg No comments

    I have one athlete training for  the Hell Hole Swamp 10K Gator Run and Walk on May 2. Last Friday we worked on speed - same thing today but we umped up the speed just a bit. We’re talking about literally a few seconds difference in split times between last week and this week. Last week, his 400m split time was 1.52. Today we started at 1.48. 4 seconds/lap = 16 seconds/mile = 1:40/10K. That’s a lot when you’re looking to better your PR by over 2 minutes.

    This workout was designed to further tax the athletes system and push his lactate threshold. We 3×400, 3×400, 2×1200 with a one-minute rest in between. He really blew his pace during the first 1200 and then got it together on the last 1200 and nailed his pace. Physically, he is ready for next week’s race. He’s now ready mentally as well, if he remembers what he learned today about how his body responds to the increased stress.

  • Weekly Track Workout

    Posted on April 17th, 2009 CoachGreg No comments

    A weekly track workout can really sharpen an athlete for an upcoming race. Endurance is built through weekly long runs at varying distances and paces and speed is built through tempo runs, intervals, and track workouts. They are actually more ways to build speed but they are all variation of tempo runs and intervals.

    I believe there are two big advantages of the track - the removal of the distractions of the road and having the athlete run a proscribed distance at an exact pace. Running on the road means paying attention to the surface, your surroundings, and the traffic. On the track, it’s just you and the distance.

    This morning I had two athletes at the track. One was continuing to work on her half-marathon pace and the other wanted to improve his time in an upcoming 10K race. My half-marathon runner, after an 800m warm up, ran 4×1200 at race pace with a one minute break between sets. All I want from her two weeks out from the race is for her to dial in her pace - she’s actually very good at intuitively figuring it out.

    The second runner ran an 800m warm up and then ran 2×400, 2×800, 2×1200, and 2×800. His paces were designed to stretch his capacity for speed by pushing him to a limit over a shorter distance. These were not race pace distances. We’ll do a similar workout next week and then the following week, we’ll do 6×400 at race pace the day before his race. This is an athlete who has a great capacity to improve and enter the age-group awards arena.

  • Pre-Race Track Workout

    Posted on March 27th, 2009 CoachGreg No comments

    I worked with two athletes on their race pace. We ran 3 x 1200 m after an 800 warm-up. The idea is to maintain race pace even when tired but at the same time, not to wear the athlete completely out. We were a little too close to race to do that.

  • Bumping up VO2 Max

    Posted on March 20th, 2009 CoachGreg No comments

    This morning’s workout was with just one athlete. Purpose was to push the envelope of VO2, in order to increase overall speed. 

    800 m warm up

    3 x 1200 @ 2-mile race pace - 3 minute recovery

    800 m cool down

    Athlete said it was difficult to run in the dark by herself with no one else out there. She was definitely winded as she finished each 1200 m interval and needed every second of the 3 minute recovery before getting back out on the track.

  • Getting Faster

    Posted on March 14th, 2009 CoachGreg No comments

    Someone asked me last week how to get faster. “Well,” I said, “you just run faster.” Of course the key is to run faster at a shorter distance than your goal race. Each of the two athletes participating in this workout have similar abilities and can run a 5k in 27 minutes.

    Friday morning’s track workout was 4×400m and 2×800m. Two athletes participated and the workout was to run each lap in 2 minutes with a 4 minute recovery in between. Each of the athletes ran the first 400 fast and then settled down. Once they hit the 800m portion, they both managed to run even pace for each lap but one of them did slow down significantly from the 400m time. She did bounce back for the second 800m interval.

    This type of workout teaches you both physically and mentally to run faster when tired. Each runner had to dig a little deeper to maintain pace as the workout went on.

  • Running Drills

    Posted on March 7th, 2009 CoachGreg No comments

    Two athlete’s with me on the track this morning. We did agility drills. Because of the training I did in Boot Camp earlier in the week, I had to forgo some of the drills.

    • Quick Skips
    • Butt Kicks
    • High Knees (forward, right, left)
    • 2-Stairs up; Quick steps down
    • Tuck Jumps x 10
    • Split Scissor Jumps x 10
    • One- Legged hops
    • Speed Bounds
    • Step ups x 25 each leg
    • Wall Throw